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Lake Baringo is one of The Rift Valley Lakes, situated roughly 77 Kilometers North of the equator and 279 Kilometers from Nairobi.

It is accessible by road, which is entirely tarmacked. The area also has an airstrip that choppers and light aircraft utilize.

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Lake Baringo

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Lake Baringo website, is owned by Moses, born and bred by the shores.

In the early years, I primarily earned my living from hook and line fishing along the rocky shores; this was majorly during weekends and school holidays. This was mid 80s to early 90s, shortly before I joined secondary school.

My entry into this level of education came with tougher challenges that required better solutions. It was all to do with money access; it is at that point that I started associating closely with visitors scouring my neighborhood for wildlife.

It wasn’t long before I found interest in birds and took it up seriously. It made me establish a network of birders all over the world. In the late 90s I pursued a degree in education technology after I missed out on tourism studies.

Even though I was meant to teach after this, I still found comfort waiting longer to see what my birding, as a hobby would translate to a source of livelihood.

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