lake baringo

Lake Baringo is one of The Rift Valley Lakes, situated roughly 77 Kilometers North of the equator and 279 Kilometers from Nairobi.

It is accessible by road, which is entirely tarmacked. The area also has an airstrip that choppers and light aircraft utilize.

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Lake Baringo

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lake baringo

Nature walk

This area has various geographical formations that will need in-depth explanation from the very good guides found in this region.

lake baringo

Your walk in lake Baringo will take you through local villages, hills and eventually the basalt cliff that stands nearly 100 metres, the guides will give you lectures on all phenomenon as you go. You can also decide to hike up the cliff through footpath depending on your fitness and once on top you will enjoy a panoramic view of the entire lake. For birders more time will be spent given the abundance of different bird species. A good morning can yield up to 100 different species.

lake baringo

Cultural Villages

Three major tribes namely Tugen, Njemps and Pokot share Lake Baringo, they live in different sections along the shoreline where visits can be made.  Stories of how they live and survive the harsh conditions will be narrated and traditional dances will also be conducted. A visit to all these villages or any of your choice will be organized.

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