lake baringo

Lake Baringo is one of The Rift Valley Lakes, situated roughly 77 Kilometers North of the equator and 279 Kilometers from Nairobi.

It is accessible by road, which is entirely tarmacked. The area also has an airstrip that choppers and light aircraft utilize.

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Lake Baringo

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lake baringo

Boat ride

Over the years boat ride has remained a great way of exploring the shores and the number of islands in this lake.To get closer to photographic view of the beautiful birds of this area (IBA), the Nile crocodiles ,Hippos, monitor lizards and the fishing Maasai people(NJEMPS) , boat ride will do you good.

Rides are preferably conducted in the morning just before sunrise to award you a great morning glory and calmness of water ensuring a smooth ride that will offer nice photos: note that photos are great in the soft morning light. An evening session of a boat trip is also fine for as long as you watch out for wind that may turn the lake so turbulent and scary.

There are various boat trips differing in length stretching from an hour to the whole day. The shortest trip being along the shore line and will enhance sights of hippos, crocodiles and various birds. The longer trips are extension of the shoreline trip and will take you to the islands or further offshore where hikes, fishing, diving, swimming and barbecue can be done. On this trips an enchanting Fish-eagle feeding will be done, this entails buying fish from fishermen on tradition rafts, which are then thrown to eagles that glide to pick them offering a great opportunity of a raptor in flight.

One of the isalnds whose population is soaring towards 500 people has a hot sulphur spring that bubbles at high temperature and ejecting steam that tourists love to bath on in the believe that the sulphur is a skin cure. A stop at this spot willbring you close to the island inhabitants who come to meet visitors for talks and sale of traditional souvenir.

lake baringo

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