lake baringo

Lake Baringo is one of The Rift Valley Lakes, situated roughly 77 Kilometers North of the equator and 279 Kilometers from Nairobi.

It is accessible by road, which is entirely tarmacked. The area also has an airstrip that choppers and light aircraft utilize.

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Lake Baringo

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lake baringo

Activities in Lake Baringo

While in Lake Baringo, apart from relaxing and enjoying the magnificent scenery, there is array of activities that will occupy your time constructively. Remember that myis adjacent to Lake Bogoria that is currently most popular with Lesser and Greater flamingos after Lake Nakuru which is similarly saline flooded and leading to enormous exit of flamingos

lake baringo
lake baringo

Depending on your time you may opt to take a speedboat (4 pax) that will within two hours take you round most of the islands.

The Pokot and Njemps tribes have a conservancy by the name RUKO that was established to foster peace amongst them and to curtail human-wildlife conflict. It is through this avenue that Baringo giraffe otherwise known as Rotschild giraffe was introduce to one of the Islands named Longicharo at the eastern shores. The giraffes are doing well and can be watched from boats and on a walk in the island once the charges have been paid. You can read more here:

Incase you delay while on this trip and you feel like you should stop for a drink or lunch or even for an overnight, Island Camp Resort comes handy:

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